Your mental health is your greatest wealth.

Mental and behavioral health is an investment.

Transform your health by investing in yourself.

The Behavioral Wealth Institute

Investing in your wellness through therapy and consultation

Behavioral wealth is an ongoing journey that honors the importance of emotional and psychological well-being. Investing in the growth of emotional and behavioral well-being is crucial.

Our Services

We provide individualized and culturally sensitive services that encourage inner healing, empowerment, and alignment with your best self.

Individual Therapy

Are you feeling stuck or uncertain about the future? Is depression, anxiety, or trauma making it harder to get to where you want to go? Individual Therapy can help you

Group Therapy

Group therapy can provide you with new insights and perspectives, increased social skills, and enhanced support

Psychological Testing

BWI offers psychodiagnostic assessments and psychological evaluations for adults aged 18 years and older

Health Behavior Consultation

Health behavior interventions for individuals diagnosed with diabetes focuses on increasing health-promoting behaviors to improve health outcomes

Professional Consultation

Professional consultation services provide consultation in mental health to professionals, organizations, and the community

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